Focusable and School Libraries

With libraries at the heart of a school’s media use, librarians have a responsibility to lead students to tools that both leverage the latest developments in AI and that empower them to direct their attention on their own.

Read how Shepard Middle School in Illinois is using Focusable below.

How Shepard Middle School Library Uses Focusable

Just like at most schools, students are often overwhelmed by many facets of school life: from keeping grades up to the cafeteria’s social scene. Andrea, the school’s librarian, ensures her library is a safe haven for stressed students to find relief and she’s added Focusable to her set of physical tools to help students de-escalate and be present.

Andrea recently used Focusable during a collaborative ELA and social studies research unit. For several days straight, students were spending an hour a day in her library. The recharging exercises, like the tense and relax, engaged students and gave them a much needed brain break. One student said “It was like everything melted away and I could just focus on the breathing exercise.” Andrea was curious if these exercises could help students dive back into work quicker. She timed them and was thrilled to see that after Recharging with Focusable, students were back to work in less than three minutes and were able to sustain focus for the remainder of the period. 

With students turning to libraries for more AI-powered tools for academic work, students will simultaneously need tools like Focusable to mindfully take on attentional resistance.

See how Andrea uses Focusable in her library to bring the pulse of energy her school needs for better attention!

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