Brain science teaches us that in any moment, for the most part, we have the power to change how we are engaging with the world in front of us. Engageability is the ability to pay attention before natural interest is achieved, and to sustain attention till natural interest develops. A truly engageable person is always aware of how they attend to the important things in life and we built the Engageability Score to help you track how you’re doing. The score is a scale from one to ten that quantifies how engageable you are throughout your week.  Here’s a breakdown of how your score works.

Just get started

The first step towards a more engageable life is to just sign up for engageable. The moment you login, you are prioritizing blah. Just for that, you’ll start off with an Engageability score of 5. 

Pulse! For the energy you need

An engageable person is consistent in how they direct their attention towards the things that matter most day to day. Use the Pulse for the energy to push through distractions and blah. Each time you do, you’ll bump your engageability score up by .5.

Recharge early and often

An engageable person still struggles with stress and anxiety. Having a daily routine around taking breaks is the engageable way. Our growing list of science backed exercises helps you get there. Spending just a few minutes, new research suggests, on mindful exercises improves attention, sleep, mood and more. Coming back each day at least once to recharge with an exercise will keep your score from going down. Miss a day’s opportunity to recharge, and your score goes down 1. When you’re not recharged, you’re less engageable! 

Stick to it

An engageable person pushes through and understands that everything isn’t always so interesting until you really stick to it and sustain attention on it. That’s why your score goes up 1 just by sticking with the Pulse timer till the end, whether you’ve chosen 10, 25, or 45 minutes.

Document the world in front of you

An Engageable person stops to reflect now and then or to document life around them. Sometimes these videos will show your progress or the finished product or just a quick thought about how things are going. Adding a recording to each activity boosts your score by 1.

The Engageability Score will change with your input. What do you think makes someone engageable? Have ideas? Email me at