Focusable builds steady routines for developing SEL skills that work with what your school is already doing.

Empowers Students

SEL skills are really life skills. Focusable empowers students to sharpen curiosity, persistence, and emotional regulation, which correlate directly with academic performance.

Easy Routines for Home and School

Focusable makes it easy for students to create a routine of spending more time recharging and focusing – two of the most important skills we can teach them. Students log in with any device to incorporate both focus and mindful breaks into the school day or at home.

When should students use Focusable?

  • Transitioning from lunch back to the classroom
  • To begin morning meetings
  • Before tests and quizzes
  • Transitioning from school to home
  • To focus on a single task

Groups and Insights

As an educator, set up private groups to monitor how students are spending their time and assess how ready they are for deeper focus. Engage at a high level, or go deeper when needed. Group members can encourage each other to build motivation and support.

This is making me giddy. The possibilities in a classroom are endless and it makes so much sense to teach the skill of Focus.

El Higus, Instructional Coach

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