Testing season is stressful for everyone. And that stress impacts performance and affects everyone’s energy. It was brought to our attention by Focusable user Andrea Trudeau that maybe this year we can play a role in helping this test season be a calmer, more focused one. 

Andrea recently led a Focusable Recharge activity session with her entire school staff. She is looking to get buy-in during state testing. She said “everyone was really into it and she got an applause at the end.”

So we thought maybe we should suggest this to everyone! Here’s three ways to make it happen with Focusable.

Whole Group

Use Focusable’s menu of Recharge activities to bring relative calm and brief brain breaks. Either login or just go directly our open Recharge page and project it to students in the testing environment. To calm everyone down before the testing starts, try either 5 Finger or 478 breathing. If you feel the group needs energy or needs a more physical break, try Neck Stretching or Chair Squats. Apply as you see fit!


Focusable allows students to sign up directly when you add them to a Group. They can access Focusable on Chromebooks, iOS or Android. And once they have it, they can choose whatever suits their needs, whenever they need it. 

Setup a kiosk with the Pulse

The Pulse is a new device we’re developing as a vehicle for Focusable. While it isn’t yet widely available, we are seeking Beta testers to trial it precisely for this purpose – to give students an on demand recharging station.

Sign up to become a Pulse Beta tester here. 

We wish you the best of luck this testing season!