Earlier this week I’d been toying with the idea of launching a 30-for-30 challenge; tis the season, it seems, for intentional work on habits and goals. Then, this morning, in our community Discord group, Bonnie Nieves mentioned that she had done 40 mins of focused writing with no distractions and it reminded her of the Focusable group we had been in together at the start of the year. “I can’t find that group! What happened to it?” she asked me. Instead of finding it, I said, “Actually, I was thinking of starting a 30-for-30 challenge – should we just make a new group?”

YES! was Bonnie’s reply. So with a bit of hustle and community-sourcing, we were able to put things together throughout today, and so, we invite you to the Focusable 30-for-30 Attention Challenge. A place to work little by little on where your attention goes, and how you approach regulating it.

Participating is simple – but… it’s going to test your attention management. That’s a good thing! We need this work in mindfulness more than ever before.

A 30-for-30 challenge invites you complete a specific task or goal each day for 30 days. Typically, you can start one of these whenever you want – not necessarily at the beginning of a month. So really this challenge can be open all the time. If you find yourself on this page, grab the graphic above, share it, post it, screenshot it – whatever is going to motivate you to start thinking about where your attention – and therefore energy and time – goes each day.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Make sure you have an account at getfocusable.com (or download Focusable on iOs or Android devices)
  2. Option to join our in-app group here (called 30-for-30 Attention Group), so you can see others’ progress and encourage each other. Or you can create your own group of colleagues or friends. Or.. just set out solo. 🙂
  3. Use Focusable to work on managing your attention each day – with recharge activities, or while focusing on working/reading for measured lengths of time with no distractions. It’s all attentional practice.
  4. Encourage each other’s activity with a boost!
  5. Try creating a routine that works best for you in the Routines tab. This includes reminders sent to your phone to remember to incorporate recharging and focusing as part of your day.
  6. Encouraged: Share your progress to your socials via the Share Routine button in the Routines tab. (you can follow and tag us at @getfocusable)
  7. Encouraged: Reflect and chat with other participants and Focusable users in our community Discord server.

That’s it! If you need support, you can reach out to Sara Candela in the Discord server above, or at sara@getfocusable.com. You can access our full Focusable resource guide here.