Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed struggles with focus, stress, and motivation in your schools, but also the challenges you face around privacy agreements when implementing new tech. We hear ya!  Today, we’re introducing Just Focus mode at Focusable, a registration-free experience for timed work and self-regulation.

Arriving just in time for exam season, the idea is that anyone can hop on over to our website and…just focus. No registration, no login, no tricky privacy issues to sort out. Just Focus is also for anyone who wants to just give timed work a shot without any barriers. 

The experience is still centered around timed work. Set a goal to work in short, timed increments to sharpen your attention on your work. And, just like in Progressions, you can use built-in self-regulation activities like a box breathing exercise to get focused or as the goal of the timed session itself.

To Just Focus right now, just copy this link and send it off to your students: http://getfocusable.com/focus

* Please note that in order for you to see it, you’ll need to log out of your Focusable account.

But wait, there’s more! There are some big changes coming to Focusable you’re sure to like. We remain dedicated to improving the core experience and with each release, you help us add, subtract and refine. Here’s a teaser to get you pumped about what’s to come real soon. 

  • The loudest feedback so far has been how important the recommended rest periods are in Focusable, signaling what we all know: It’s so hard to prioritize meaningful rest. That’s why we’re investing in a brand new timer experience that helps you build more restorative rest routines, priming you for focus.
  • From the day we launched you wanted more insight into each student’s journey and more guidance on how to build rest and focus routines. That’s why we’re launching a set of new stats for more insights at the individual and group level and to give everyone goals to guide time spent on rest and focus. To be healthy, we need both!

Now, back to the laboratory.

Stay focusable.