It can often be difficult to maintain intentionality and purpose while getting work done. How do you avoid just going through the motions? We believe a big step towards more intentional work is self-awareness, and Lisa Schwartz embodies this discovery. Lisa is a Regional Educational Technology Coordinator who finds that using Focusable guides her to recognize her thinking, focus more clearly on a task, and ultimately become more aware of her process. “I had to learn to make sure I wasn’t looking at anything but my work.” 

Lisa uses Focusable the most after school when she has work to do from home, and it has helped her find success in reaching flow more often. “Since using Focusable, I’ve realized what distracts me while I’m working… I’m now thinking more about whether or not my actions are things I need to do or am just doing out of boredom. Working with Focusable has made me more present,” she says. 

She finds that the format of the Progression aides in changing habits. When she focuses deeply on one item at a time, she sees more progress towards a goal. “I’m realizing what my distractions are in my workflow. And then I’m seeing myself say it in the reflections.” We love hearing how Lisa realized how the video reflections were meant to help her. “At first I was hesitant about recording when other people were around, but I got over that. Now I reflect even if the timer goes off and I’m in flow.”

Like many of our early users, Lisa uses timers to ease her into the work she wants to do. “If it’s something I don’t want to work on, I’ll set it for 5 or 10 minutes. It reminds me of what people need to do for their health. It might be a challenging task, so your attention is easily diverted to do something else.” Also like many users of Focusable, Lisa realizes that it’s okay to need a little help in facing something difficult. Accepting the struggle towards focus is what will eventually allow you to find enjoyment in nearly everything you do.