For the last several months, we’ve been explaining what focus is and what it should feel like in our writing. But words can only take you so far. So we wanted to put together a more visual explanation to convey both what it feels like to productively struggle with focus, and also what it feels like when it is less than productive.

This series of infographics explains everything we’ve been writing. Check them out and share them if you find them useful!

There are many modes of focus. It is important to realize that focus is a challenge for everyone, and we approach it in a variety of productive and un-productive ways.

The struggle of focus is never ideal, it’s messy. Yet, it is productive when it converges on the task at hand and can bring you to flow.

Focus is a battle with distraction. When distracted, there is never convergence on the task at hand.

Considered a symptom of ADHD, Hyperfocus has an unparalleled intensity at the cost of flexibility and leaves you in attention deficit when done.

When the struggle of focus hasn’t been framed properly, it leads to avoidance of the anxiety and stress it produces, as well as the task at hand.

For short durations, attention can be maximized. But if immersion is resisted, there is a lost opportunity of the sustained motivation and joy of flow.

Thanks for your attention on these. Please share these with anyone you think would find them useful!