We are big believers that enjoyment in learning and performing at a maximum level all start with finding focus. We have previously explored what constitutes focus and flow, especially how they affects our biology. If the launchpad is focus, and flow brings about students’ optimal learning experience, we’d like to take a moment to ensure that we’re all aiming for exactly the right things. In our many conversations with educators over the last few months, we’ve heard more definitions than we can count. So what are focus and flow really made of? Take a gander at the infographics below. You may find some surprises, but we’ve made sure that our thinking on these two concepts are wholly shaped by the latest finding in neuroscience.

Click the download link under each of the infographics below to share with your PLN or to keep under your pillow at night.

Focus is so much more than engagement:

Our world becomes what we focus on, to paraphrase psychologist William James. Focus, for students ultimately decides who they are in the classroom and in life. Which is why it’s handy to keep this infographic in your back pocket. Focus is hard but it’s worth it.

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Flow is something we can all use more of:

Flow states are familiar, but all too infrequent. But if we understand that the first requirement is focus, and we understand what it is, we can get there more often, and feel…optimal.

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Now that we all agree on terms, join us in our mission to help everyone find focus and flow in learning.

Peace, love, focus and flow.

-Team focusable